ClearFresh's Unbottle a Great Idea® 

A smart, bottlefree workplace for every busy professional.

School Principals

As a School Principal, budget control and staff/ student safety arguably rank amongst your greatest concerns. When it comes to annual budgets, gaining maximum value from each dollar is always a huge challenge. What better, smarter way to control your school's costs than to eliminate expensive bottled water coolers forever? Now imagine the vital teaching aids, in-service programmes & sporting equipment you can purchase with the hundreds or even thousands of dollars saved each year.

When it comes to safety, you no longer need worry. Thankfully, slips & trips now become a forgotten issue with bottles removed from staff & student areas, permanently. Its simply safer going bottle-free!

From the day you switch, the savings begin. You eliminate the environmental issues and OH&S risks associated with heavy bottle handling and storage, not to mention the disruption of bottle truck deliveries. Best of all, its easy! Call us today & we’ll arrange a FREE cost and EH&S analysis for your particular school. Oh, and don’t forget to ask about our Schools Support Programme for even greater value. Save money on water for your school today.


School Administration Managers

As a School Administration Manager, you need to know with 100% confidence that the service specialist you recommend to the boss is the very best for value, exceptional quality and super easy support and administration. As a ClearFresh Water customer, you’re in great company! So many of our customers are busy people just like you, running busy schools and supporting dedicated teachers, general assistants and teachers’ aides.

We know your day is busy, often unpredictable and even sometimes a little frantic. That’s why we’ve designed the simplest administration procedure, customisable service features and of course the Schools Support Programme. Call us today for the very latest in chilled water coolers for schools and we’ll show you why a switch from bottles means so much more with ClearFresh Water.


Accountants & CFO’s

As an Accountant or CFO, its vital costs are controlled and budgets balance. By reducing the variable costs in your organisation or, your clients’ organisations, you can introduce total predictability to your budget planning, saving time and vastly eliminating the guess factor. What's more, with a wide choice of flexible rental options or purchase plans, you're so much better off with ClearFresh Water.

As the global economy remains volatile and oil prices surge and spike, switching from road dependant distribution channels such as bottled water makes very good business sense. Call today and we’ll prepare for you a FREE cost analysis showing why a bottle-free work place is great for business - especially yours. Its the easiest saving you'll ever make!


CEO’s & Managing Directors

As a CEO or Managing Director, you strive to maximise & protect your competitive edge. Making every post a winner means building  the most cohesive, successful team, complete with the right people, backed by the very best service providers who themselves consistently deliver the very best equipment in the most efficient way.  That’s why, when you or a member of your management team choose ClearFresh Water, you know you’ve made the right choice.

Choosing ClearFresh guarantees your team are impeccably served with a suite of drinking system features that are not only functional, they're professionally styled to suit any corporate or commercial environment. Why not get in touch, or ask a member of your support team to contact us today and we’ll show you why so many C - level executives make the switch to ClearFresh Water. We'll put you in great company!


Operations Managers

As an Operations Manager, you and your immediate staff are so often the ‘go–to’ people of the organisation. The daily challenge always exists to ensure every member of every department has what they need, when they need it. Within today’s competitive commercial landscape, its dangerously unforgiving to leave the success of your team in the hands of service providers who simply don’t understand the demands placed on you & your operations staff.

That’s why, when it comes to a filtered water dispenser or under sink chiller, Operations Managers choose us above the competition. We’re drinking water specialists to the business customer and no matter what your industry, we’ll provide you a vastly different, superior range of services and equipment features to make your role easier. Contact us today and we’ll prepare an operational review identifying the huge advances you'll make by simply switching from bottles to ClearFresh's smart, chilled water coolers.


Warehouse Managers

As a Warehouse Manager, you recognise the enormous advantages gained by an efficient daily routine when storing, receiving & despatching goods.  However, delay or miss a scheduled pick up & your staff's workload soars as they work overtime to clear the backlog. You simply can’t afford to under-resource reliable staff, ill-equip a safe workplace or miss out on smart, time-saving work practices.

ClearFresh can help here. By eliminating the OH&S risks created by bottled water, not to mention the hugely inconvenient disruption of dealing with potential spills, shortages or run outs, you’ll operate a  vastly more competitive warehouse environment whilst reducing costs. Our filtered drinking systems have saved enormous time for our busy warehousing customers and can be positioned just about anywhere. Best of all, our filtration water dispensers will reliably do the same for you too. Call us today for additional facts, figures and ideas on how ClearFresh’s systematic service, filtered water coolers & filtered chillers are great for efficient warehousing and healthy, well hydrated floor staff.


Office/ Practice Managers

As an Office or Practice Manager, you constantly measure business expenses and aim to engage the most dependable suppliers. You know from experience a team of dependable, reliable suppliers is just as powerful as a team of great staff. That’s why, if a service provider has ever let you down, you know they've let your whole team down. When it comes to keeping costs under control and achieving maximum value, you need to know you’ve partnered with the very best in their field.

ClearFresh brings you the very best in office water systems. Our streamline, simple administration system will save you enormous time and you'll be backed by the most capable support team in the Australian water industry today. Most of all, your costs, budget planning and expense control instantly becomes so easy. Call us today and we'll show you all there is to know on how our office management customers are so much better off with ClearFresh Water.


EH&S/ OH&S Managers and Supervisors

As an EH&S/ OH&S Manager or Supervisor, maintaining safety is vital whilst still consistently achieving production targets. Your staff's well being is the key to maintaining positive morale and ensuring effective, reliable productivity. When it comes to OH&S in the workplace, you simply can’t afford the impact of a personal injury.

ClearFresh can help by boosting your staff safety programme at work. Our bottle-free filtered water coolers and chillers mean you eliminate floor clutter & remove risk of personal injury from bottle handling. With our specialist approach to on-site safety, our installation systems & procedures lead the water industry for quality & safety, giving you total confidence in our performance. Call us today for more details on how we can customise your system installations to meet specific safety needs at no extra cost.


Spa & Health Club Managers

As a Spa or Health Club Manager, your need for an on-demand drinking water service is essential. Your staff and members can only achieve peak results with the right equipment, space & resources. Unfortunately, providing bottled water coolers for use in spas and health clubs just wastes staff time, consumes valuable floor space & can be a health risk.

ClearFresh solves this problem via our bottle-free PuroStream coolers. We already provide many health clubs and fitness centres our specialist approach to drinking systems which means a vastly more reliable service backed by our full time support team. Call us today and we’ll demonstrate how versatile our systems can be, even in areas you’d think cannot be connected.



As an Architect or Workspace Designer, you’re always seeking the latest industry innovation to maximise the functionality & usability of your clients’ facilities. Its essential to not only apply these innovations in the most effective way but also to engage the most experienced & innovative service providers in each respective design phase.

ClearFresh is the leading specialist in drinking water systems for workspace designers. We’re often recommended by design teams and our systems have proven highly successful in the most advanced corporate environments. Most of all, our free Express Equipment Support System means when you recommend ClearFresh to your customers, you know they’re in the best of care. Call us today for more information on how we can partner with you or your clients, offering the latest ideas in chilled drinking systems & workspace innovations.


Directors of Care/ Nursing

As a Director of Nursing or Care Team Manager, health & hygiene and a safe workplace arguably rank amongst the highest of your management priorities. Stringent and regular accreditation assessments are critical events & mean you need to employ the very best in health & aged care support services. Just as vital is the essential support of your care team members themselves, whom, with the right resources, are able to deliver exceptional standards in resident comfort or patient care.

ClearFresh supports health & aged care professionals like no other filtered water company. Our performance based approach guarantees superior value. We know the challenges you face from  Governement regulations & OH&S standards to the specific needs of high level care such as in dementia units. Call us today for information and advice on how our specialised, custom-made features for water coolers, chillers and dispensers makes your role in health & aged care management so much easier.

 6 Great ideas to help you switch to ClearFresh Water's bottleless coolers




Compared to awkward bottles, PuroStream coolers save between 40 - 75% every year


Water Technician assessing water quality



  Never handling another bottle at work again saves enormous time













Maximise your floorspace usage by no longer storing a bottle company's bottles


Office Drinking Water



Rely on ClearFresh's experience, the leading specialist in corporate & commercial water coolers  














Take the easiest step to minimise your carbon footprint


Water in hospitals



Fixed fees, whether for purchase or rental, protects your budget from rising costs










 Nurse with water

Naturally, it must be time to Unbottle a Great Idea! 

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