PuroStream Cooler

Beautifully styled for any corporate/ commercial workplace

  • Variable temperature controller
  • Hygienic all stainless steel internal water reservoir
  • Choice of freestanding or space saving benchtop PuroStreams®
  • Large volume, dual-flow reservoirs deliver chilled & room temperature healthy filtered water
  • Versatility including hot & chilled PuroStream® watercooler models at no extra cost
  • Twin stage, ultra effective FloGuard® filtration is vastly superior to single stage filter units
  • Simple set up procedure incorporating specialised cooler installation safety features
  • FREE suite of child friendly safety features can be ordered by our customers for custom fitting to each PuroStream® cooler
  • FREE Installation - locating up to 100m from a water source
  • FREE billing - no monthly invoice administration fee

 PuroStream Coolers  Undersink Chillers

Instant Boil Hot Water


Clearfresh PuroStream Coolers are so much safer, healthier and OH&S friendly for any office or workplace. Call today

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