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Service Promised is Service Delivered

The Technical Experts in Water

Why risk your staff's drinking water? With ClearFresh Water you're in the best of care. Unlike many competitor products, we insist our chilled freestanding and benchtop filtered water coolers use only hygenic, stainless steel reservoirs. This ensures far safer water quality when compared to plastic storage tanks and gives our customers much better value over the long term.

At ClearFresh, we're proud to supply some of Australia's largest organisations which means we place unparalleled importance on our dependability for leading quality in drinking water systems and components. Every customer is assured our filter services and installation procedures are the very best we can offer.

For example, the mandatory 'DR' mark is an essential identifier of water quality compliance and specific water system components without this label fail to meet the Australian standards.  In addition, in every application, we fit NSF certified components to all our drinking water systems. NSF International (National Sanitation Federation) is the renowned independent world authority for product certification based on a series of highly sophisticated standards. Why not call to find out more about any technical aspect of the water filtration system at your work. 


AquaCare® Programmed Maintenance

ClearFresh Water’s unique AquaCare® Programme is our specialised Programmed Maintenance System. Providing regular and thorough filter service cycles, a far superior standard of health & hygiene is enjoyed by ClearFresh Water customers. Completed documentation  by our specialist TechTeam members boosts accountability and quality control, giving you 100% confidence that your staff are in the best of professional care. Email us from the Contact Us page for more.


Express Equipment Support System

Imagine you’ve switched to a filtered water cooler company. You’ve committed your organisation to a rental plan and just 6 months into your term you experience a fault. You call for assistance and days later you’re still waiting for a technician! Worse still, you were promised a ‘guaranteed response within 24 hours’ – but all too often this simply means a returned phone call.

At ClearFresh, we decided to deliver you something far better - and best of all, its FREE! It works like this: should ever our assistance be needed, ClearFresh Water customers receive a unique Response Report, guaranteeing after-sale support unmatched by any other filter company.

In business, what gets measured gets managed and our Express Equipment Support System™ makes us the number one choice today for exceptional, performance-based dependability in commercial drinking water systems. Now, you too can enjoy the same service levels previously available only to the largest corporations and institutions. Call us today for more on this innovative, time saving feature which more & more businesses are opting for every month.


As you’d expect, each of our customers have very different needs. Since we exclusively serve the corporate, commercial & government sector we can deliver, at no extra cost, a suite of specialist features resulting in significant advantages & flexibility compared to general purpose filter companies. Talk to us about how we can customise the many components of your drinking water service to better the value and boost the return on your investment. Let us know your specific needs today by contacting us here.



ClearFresh Water is placed among the top four longest serving Australian dealer companies belonging to the Water Quality Association. As the world’s leading independent water authority with a vast worldwide network, WQA provides millions of customers every year the confidence of knowing that their service provider is fully accredited, trained and approved in their specific area of water filtration expertise.  The WQA enforces a strict Code of Practice to safeguard customers who choose to engage a WQA member, thereby guaranteeing significantly superior service levels and component quality.

In 2004, ClearFresh Water achieved accreditation from the WQA as a dealer member organisation. You can verify WQA membership, credibility and approvals to display the WQA mark by clicking on the link and searching 'ClearFresh Water': 


Business Support Management

Ever noticed how some companies shunt you from person to person when resolving your enquiry or concern? Not so at ClearFresh Water.

Be it administration or technical support, each customer’s Business Support Manager takes total responsibility for each enquiry, organises a fix, reports back to the customer, and oversees the solution. This means our customers save time, boosting value significantly via ClearFresh's far superior, performance-based approach to customer support and efficient communication. With one simple & direct point of contact, our customers are the best supported customers in the Australian water industry. Find out more by simply contacting us.


FREE Loan Equipment

Let’s face it, you’re busy at work. Whether you rent or you own your PuroStream cooler or undersink chiller, as a ClearFresh Water customer you need that 100% confidence in the total reliability of your equipment & service. Should ever the need occur for offsite repairs, ClearFresh provides FREE loan coolers and chillers to keep your staff, clients & visitors well watered. Now that's great value! Learn more about this great feature by emailing us here.

What our Customers Think.


"Its fantastic to have such great tasting water with such an awesome service"

- Ms Erin Cahill, Administration Assistant















"I have great pleasure to make this statement for the services and products provided by ClearFresh Water. Its been a year since we decided to try ClearFresh and I do not think we are ever going to look back to any other office water supplier - the service has been great & we have unbelievably cut down on the cost of water consumption" 

- Mr Charles Sapong, National Accountant.












 "ClearFresh Water has just completed the supply & installation of our water coolers at vaious locations.The work was completed with a high degree of professionalism and quicker than I had originally anticipated. Their Business Support Manager's supervision of this job was first class and I cannot fault his involvement in this project. I am completely satisfied with the outcome and would recommend ClearFresh to future prospective clients"

- Ms Basia Dziedzic, Operations Manager





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