ClearFresh Water

The business class service

About Us

ClearFresh Water is an independent, privately owned Australian company founded in Sydney's fast growing business centre of Macquarie Park. Now in our 15th year, we've proudly built a solid and unique reputation as one of the very few, true business specialists, exclusively serving the corporate, commercial and government customer for workplace drinking water systems & filtered water coolers. We partner with hundreds of Australia's most dynamic SME's right through to the largest public institutions & ASX listed corporations, installing across NSW & ACT the very best in mains connected filter coolers, sink mounted water chillers and instant boil wall units.

Our Brands

AquaCare®   PuroStream®   ClearFresh®   FloGuard®   Unbottle a Great Idea®   Smart Drinking Water ........Today®  are registered trademarks of ClearFresh Water Pty Ltd

Our Expertise

Rather than try to be everything to everyone, ClearFresh Water delivers the business professional a level of water filter service far beyond the industry standard. Regardless of size or revenue to us, each customer enjoys the same uniform, consistent & dependable service - on time, every time. Please take a look at our Performance Levels for more about how a ClearFresh Water customer enjoys superior value and a far higher return for the investment they make in their filtered drinking water systems at work, rent or buy. And of course, no bottles.

Our Business Ethics

As one of the top four longest serving Australian dealer companies belonging to the world renowned Water Quality Association, ClearFresh Water’s customers are covered by the water industry's highest code of conduct for technical, professional and ethical standards in the world today. We’re proud to promote mains connected water coolers as the smart alternative to bottled water, giving our customers the environmental advantages they need to boost their own corporate sustainability programmes in the workplace.

Our Environment Policy

At last, a water company which takes full responsibility for its end of life equipment. As the most innovative organisation in our field, ClearFresh Water is the first Australian water filtration company to guarantee our water coolers never find their way to land fill. Our unique End of Life Recycling Initiative prohibits us from shipping ex-rental coolers & office water chillers to third parties such as auctioneers, second hand dealers or online websites for disposal. In addition, commercial customers who purchase from us are entitled to our FREE collection & recycle service. Please search here for more on our environment initiatives & how we invest part of our recycling revenue in small businesses in developing nations.

Our Supply Partner Policy

Just as the success of every organisation relies heavily on the committed support of its suppliers, so too do we place enormous value on partnering with only the very best in the water filtration industry. From our filtered PuroStream® cooler range to the smallest plumbing fitting, rest assured each member in our supply chain is a leader in their field. For our customers, this spells exceptional equipment reliability – just one of the many leading advantages we offer our busy customers and their staff.

ClearFresh Water's Electric eBike brings new innovation to city cooler servicing

Did you know ClearFresh Water was the first (and only!) Australian water filter co. to eliminate petrol vehicles for local water cooler servicing & filter maintenance?

ClearFresh Water lead industry innovation with the launch of our electric eBike for AquaCare cooler servicing within 15km of our Macquarie Park head office.

Not only did our bottle-free PuroStream coolers eliminate bottled water deliveries, we also eliminated petrol vehicles at service times for local customers.

With just under 1000 km of service to date, our distinctive blue & green cycletechs and eBike transport has proved a great exercise to challenge the way we work and focus our investments in smart technology.

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