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Welcome to ClearFresh Water

Over 15 Years Experience in Filtered Water Coolers 

 At ClearFresh, its our mission to provide your organisation the most convenient and smartest alternative to bottled water at work.

With advanced technical expertise in filtered water coolers, filtration dispensers and corporate undersink chillers, we have been saving both large and small businesses time, floor space and money since 2004. As industry leaders in corporate and commercial filtration systems we are highly regarded for our ability to get you connected in almost any location, even up to 100m from a water source.

With our fully systemised approach to everything we do, no customer is better served for chilled water at work than a ClearFresh Water customer. We look forward to welcoming you to our ever-growing customer group and showcasing what great service & quality support will mean for your business.    

Why Choose ClearFresh Filtered Water Coolers

ClearFresh are the proven technical experts for filtered water coolers, corporate undersink chillers, and wall mounted instant boil water units. Our no bottles policy means a filtered water cooler system or fully automatic chiller is perfect for:

  • kitchens, staff rooms & boardrooms
  • breakout rooms, study centres & lunchrooms
  • office floors, waiting rooms, control centres & foyers
  • call centres, classrooms, hospital wards & airport lounges

Rent or Purchase is Smart Business

Our freestanding & benchtop filtered water systems are mains connected, include FREE installation & have no fuel surcharge like bottled water. Choose from our rental or purchase options for the smart way to run your business.

Free Trial

Enjoy a complimentary FREE trial filtered cooler today by calling us on 1300 66 79 10. You'll be 100% convinced a switch today will make an instant boost to your yearly profitability. Learn more...

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Contact us today on 1300 66 79 10 to find out how an unlimited water filtration system guarantees far greater value for busy people at work. 

Our Unique, Performance-Based Service

ClearFresh's performance-based service is unique. This video from a busy Operations Manager explains why.

As our customer you'll enjoy an ultra efficient service far ahead of the nearest competition. Our FREE Express Support is industry leading & if you like to know the after-sale service promised is what you'll receive - we really should talk.

Buy Value + Trusted Reliability

At ClearFresh, we know you're busy. We understand you depend on reliability and organisation for a bottle free drinking water system at work.

From the smallest office to some of Australia's most recognised ASX listed companies, ClearFresh's friendly approach guarantees best value & reliability. As a trusted, long serving member of the Water Quality Association our knowledge and expertise far exceed those of general purpose filter companies.

Environmentally Positive

From our stainless steel reservoir coolers to our corporate styled undersink chillers, we simply guarantee you far better quality for drinking water systems in your workplace.

We're proud to say thousands of awkward, environmentally damaging plastic bottles have been eliminated from offices & workplaces by ClearFresh & our customers.